Student Treat Box

The university life isn't as easy as most people think. Everybody who has ever been to uni or have their children there knows it can be really stressful at times. This basket is an ultimate stress relief and includes a bunch of sweets that every student likes. So whether your student is currently having a hard time on the uni or you just thought you would treat them with something tasty to cheer them up while they're away from home, this is the right choice for you!

Delivered free Monday to Friday on the day of your choice.


The package includes:

8 Pack of mixed Nestle cereals

Jaffa Cakes twin pack

Lotus Biscoff 350g

Rich Tea biscuits 300g

M&M's 140g

Kinder Choco Bons 104g

5 Pack Kellog's Special K Biscuits

Cadbury Shorties biscuits 300g

2x Kellog's Squares

2x Cadbury TimeOut Wafer

Maltesers 120g


3x Kit Kat

2x Snickers

4x Toffee Crisp

Kinder Bueno

Oreo Buscuits

8 Pack Wagon Wheels

Butterkist Popcorn (Sweet)

Doritos 30g (Chilli Heatwave, Tangy Cheese, Cool Original)

2x Doritos Bits 30g (Sweet Paprika + Honey BBQ)

4 Pack Vimto Jelly


Those who suffer from allergies or are on any special diets please read the nutrition values and product ingredients before use some products may contain nuts.

Price: £29.50