The Ultimate Uni Survival

All the cupboard essentials for every student including breakfast, lunch, sweets and crisps. If you are scared your student isn't eating properly or is too busy to go shopping at the moment then The Ultimate Uni Survival is just what they need!

Delivered free Monday to Friday on the day of your choice.


The package includes:

Heinz Beans

Heinz Beans and Sausage

Princes Hot Dogs

Princes Tuna

Heinz Tomato Ketchup

Hellmann's BBQ Sauce

Hellmann's Mayonnaise Sauce

8 Pack of mixed Nestle cereals

8 Pack of mixed Kellog's cereals

4 Packet Cupa Soup (Chicken, Vegetable)

2 Pot Noodles (Chicken&Mushrooms + Curry)

1x Super Noodle (Curry, Chicken)

2x Maggi Noodles (Vegetable + Curry)

8 Pack Tortillas

8 Sharwoods Poppadoms

Uncle Ben's Rice (Golden Vegetable, Savoury Chicken, Tomato&Italian Herbs)

Fusilli Pasta 500g

Spaghetti 500g

Napolina Tomato and Chili pasta sauce 440g

Prawn Crackers 100g

Tate Lyle Sugar 500g

7 Packet of Cadbury Instant Hot Chocolate

Typhoo Tea (100 bags)

6 Packet Nescafe 3in1

4x NYcoffee White 3in1

Robinson Squash'd 66ml

4 Pack Vimto Jelly

Jaffa Cakes twin pack

Lotus Biscoff 350g

Rich Tea biscuits 300g

M&M's 140g

Kinder Choco Bons 104g

5 Pack Kellog's Special K Biscuits

Cadbury Shorties biscuits 300g

2x Kellog's Squares

2x Cadbury TimeOut Wafer

Maltesers 120g


3x Kit Kat

2x Snickers

4x Toffee Crisp

Oreo Buscuits

8 Pack Wagon Wheels

Doritos 30g (Chilli Heatwave, Tangy Cheese, Cool Original)

2x Doritos Bits 30g (Sweet Paprika + Honey BBQ)


Flavours of Cupa Soup and Doritos are subject to stock availability.

Those who suffer from allergies or are on any special diets please read the nutrition values and product ingredients before use some products may contain nuts.

Price: £58.00